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Cybersecurity Roundup January 2024

Coyote Trojan Targets Banking Apps with Advanced Evasion Techniques  Kaspersky’s discovery of the Coyote banking Trojan, targeting 61 online banking apps mainly in Brazil, signifies an evolution in financial malware with its use of diverse technologies such as Squirrel and Nim. This development reflects the creativity and adaptability of Brazilian
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Cybersecurity Roundup December 2023

Ten New Android Banking Trojans Emerge in 2023 Targeting Nearly 1,000 Apps   In 2023, ten new Android banking trojan families emerged targeting 985 bank and fintech apps from 61 countries, according to research from mobile security firm Zimperium. In addition, 19 existing trojan families from 2022 were updated with new
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Preparing for a Security Audit: Your SSL/TLS Checklist

While SSL and TLS certificates remain an integral component of website security, a comprehensive security audit encompasses much more in today’s threat landscape. With new vulnerabilities constantly emerging, audits must inspect a breadth of controls to ensure robust protection. Transport Layer Security (TLS) now secures most web traffic formerly protected
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What is a Certificate Authority (CA)?

Certificate authorities (CAs) are critical in securing online communications and identities.  But what exactly does a CA do? And how do they establish trust online? This guide will help answer these questions. What is the Role of a Certificate Authority? A certificate authority is a company or organization that acts
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Verified Mark Certificates: A Powerful Tool for Enterprise Email Security and Brand Reputation

Email remains the predominant communication channel for businesses worldwide. However, serious threats like phishing, spoofing, and brand impersonation continue to plague enterprise email inboxes. That’s where verified mark certificates (VMCs) come in. VMCs are a special type of digital certificate that verifies the email sender’s identity. They prove to recipients
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How to Choose the Right Digital Signature Solution for Your Business

The widespread adoption of remote work and paperless workflows has accelerated the need for secure digital document signing. Implementing the right e-signature solution can significantly streamline signing processes while ensuring legal validity and compliance.   However, with a dizzying array of providers in the market, selecting the best digital signature service
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