Client Authentication Certificates

Client Authentication Certificates ClientAuth Certificates protect an organization’s critical systems by providing an extra layer of security that passwords alone cannot give. They shield sensitive data and digital assets from malicious actors by ensuring that only the verified individuals or organizations are granted access. Requiring ClientAuth certificates ensures that a user’s identity is authenticated even without a password. ClientAuth Certificates can be used as part of a SSO (Single Sign On) initiative. 

Individual Validation (IV) Client Authentication Certificate IV ClientAuth Certificate increases the network security of your organization by authenticating the individual identity of each user that is requesting access to your critical systems. The IV ClientAuth Certificate also prevents security breaches caused by human error by managing and limiting the access to the level of an individual. An individual’s first and last name are displayed in the certificate info.

Organization Validation (OV) Client Authentication Certificate

The OV ClientAuth Certificate is validated on the organizational level. With an OV ClientAuth Certificate, access can be limited to a specific company or entity rather than individuals. The organization’s name is displayed in the certificate info. A major benefit to this option is that it allows shared access use and restricts access to an organizational level. Any employee/colleague can use  the same certificate to gain access to a company/organizational server.

Individual Validation + Organization Validation ClientAuth
(IV + OV) Client Authentication Certificate

The IV + OV ClientAuth Certificate features the highest level of security by requiring authentication of both an organization and an individual. Acquiring this certificate requires a more rigorous process of both individual and organizational entity validation.  The benefit to requiring an IV+OV ClientAuth certificate for user access is that it ensures not only authorized organizations are granted access but specific individuals within that organization are granted access to critical systems.

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NAESB clientAuth Certificates

For North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) ClientAuth certificates, please visit our page for NAESB Client Certificates.

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